Alexandra Homes Support Mission 

Respect,  Listen,  Involve.

Working together to achieve safe outcomes.

We support people to empower themselves and to take considered risks.

  • We work with residents to help to minimise risks. To empower them to live safely. We do not believe in arbitrary, unnecessary rules or restrictions.
  • We believe in regular reviews of any rules or restrictions and in working together to reduce risks.
  • We do not believe in being risk averse “wrapping people in cotton wool”. We do not believe in putting people at unnecessary risk. We aim to empower people to make informed decisions and to support them to take risks in a safer way.
  • We take considered risks.
  • We make things happen.
  • We try new things.
  • We push for change.
  • We have a 'can-do' attitude and look for solutions. 


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Anxiety and

We support people to manage anxiety and express themselves in a positive and safe way.

  • We understand that expression and communication can take many forms
  • We separate the behaviour and the person. We use praise and positive re-enforcement to help people to achieve an outcome.
  • We avoid telling people off but help them to reflect on what a different strategy could be.
  • We work in a non-judgemental, therapeutic way to help people to develop coping strategies.
  • We understand that anxiety can be debilitating. We work on mindfulness and relaxation techniques to help to cope with anxiety.
  • We work on the 5 ways of mental wellbeing to support people to cope with anxiety and encourage people to; Give back, be active, take notice, connect with others and keep learning.


We support people to make connections with and be part of the community
Community connections

  • We support people to feel valued and to make connections with other people in Bristol.
  • We support people to feel part of their community. We work on building people’s self-esteem and sense of belonging.
  • We actively promote community activities, jobs, groups and clubs to help people to make connections and friends.
  • We support activities which are meaningful to the person to promote self-expression.

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We support people to have choice and control in their lives.    

  • We believe in supporting people to make informed choices.
  • We support people to make choices about how they lead their lives.
  • We do not impose our own personal values upon others.
  • We respect peoples’ decisions and choices.
  • We work in line with people’s best interests only when appropriate.

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The role of staff-What is important?

What the residents said;

“I want to work with people who are enthusiastic and understanding”

“I want people to work with me who are kind and friendly”

“I want people to work with me who are committed to the job, stay for a long time and who will not  leave after a few months”

“I want people to help me to do the things that I like”

“I like people who are passionate, kind, friendly and understanding”


What the staff said

Support staff and residents work in a co-productive way to achieve goals. Neither party has all the responsibility for the work involved in achieving these goals. It is a team effort.

  • Helping people to build confidence and self-esteem.
  • Supporting people to be independent.
  • Support staff and residents are equals.
  • Support staff should be good at listening.
  • Patience and being calm are important.
  • Show interest in residents’ lives.
  • Be creative.
  • Focus on the overall wellbeing of residents.
  • Support Staff may make mistakes. (we are only human)
  • We support people to lead the lives that they want.

Benefits to staff

  • Regular supervisions.
  • Opportunities to achieve training goals
  • Making a difference in people’s lives.
  • Learning from experiences
  • Supporting each other on a co-productive way.



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